Pearls of the Phoenix Bird

You are invited to join a Voyage for positive change!
There is an intricate balance of Nature that is easily upset when we directly harm it. Harsh chemicals from our industries filter into the air, earth and even our water systems. When these chemicals upset the balance of nature the damage becomes far-reaching. This in turn causes the natural food chain to break down.

These actions, among others, have laid the foundation of drastic ecological problems for years to come. Whole species are being lost at an alarming rate and our future is uncertain. It is imperative that we take action and turn the tide of destruction before it is too late.

Over the past 17 years of researching solutions on various global issues, we have found dynamic groups of people with huge hearts, solutions to serious global issues and they are dedicated to getting their work and facts of truth to the public.

We welcome individuals, groups, communities and companies who share our commitment to global humanitarianism, sustainable initiatives and clean living.


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