Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser 7240 Electric Bicycle 5304 hub motor – Maiden Voyage and tiny burnout

Electric assist motorized bicycle using an old 1990’s vintage Huffy and an ElectricRider ( Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser 7240 – 5304 front hub motor with 7240 controller, 72 volts from six 12 volt SLA batteries . The kit had everything to turn my clunker bicycle into a scary fast (43 – 44MPH) and powerful bike. This is the maiden voyage of the bicycle. I didn’t realize at the time how powerful the 3KW front motor really was. I apologize for the video itself. It was taken with a BlackBerry which my wife had not ever used before. Obviously I didn’t edit the raw footage at all. It took over 200 feet stop the bicycle. I have to get better brakes!


  1. @erlemieux About $1650 for the kit . It’s pricey, but I’ve never had so much fun. I am seriously considering putting a rear wheel hub motor on it too, so it will be an all-wheel drive bicycle. I’ve never seen one made that has all both wheels electrified. I’m curious what it will do when both wheels are spinning from a dead stop. I’ll find out one of these days!

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